Authorship Guidelines

The journal publishes studies, case studies, reviews, conference reports and guide studies that have not been published elsewhere yet. The publication of the studies is free.

Please send your study to the following email address | | Please direct inquires to this email address.  

After the reception of the studies the below process takes place till publication: 

The authors are approx. they will receive feedback within two weeks.

  • Their studies have been received
  • If the paper has been accepted by the editorial office (the Editor-in-chief may request the identification of the study in its content and form in order to be accepted) , - if not - its justification. In the case of acceptance the study will be sent out to two reviewers.
Only studies with appropriate form and/or content will be accepted by the editorial office.

Peer review process: 

Every study (scientific articles, case-studies) are sent out to two independent, anonym reviewers. (double blind review). The revisers are given 3 or 4 weeks for reviewing the studies. After receiving the revisers' opinion the editorial room sends its decision regarding the study, - together with the reviewers' opinions to the author: 

  • the paper has been accepted for publishing
  • the paper does not need correction
  • the paper needs only formal correction
  • only the content of the paper needs to be improved
  • the paper needs to be improved formally and its content as well
  • the publication of the paper is rejected by the editorial office 
In the case of one supportive and one rejective reviewer the study will be sent to a third reviewer. 

Authorial correction: 

The authors generally get 10-20 days for the correction based on the reviewers' opinions. Beside the reviewers' opinions formal and/or content correction may also be requested by the Editor-in-chief. 

Linguistic proofreading: 

In the case of English-language studies the corrected study undergoes a linguistic proofreading before copy-editing.


In all cases, the corrected studies undergo copy-editing during which further formal and/or content corrections, identifications may be requested from the authors. In the case of proper correction, identification of the studies there is possibility for the publication of the studies.


The corrected, finalized study undergoes a page-setting. On every occasion, the authors receive the page-set version of their studies for further revision. The formal and incidental grammatical mistakes may still be corrected here but corrections in the content of the studies may not be completed anymore.  


The Copyright Statement must be filled up to the publication, which is sent by the editorial office to the authors before publication.

The studies may be published in one of the following issues. Hungarian studies are featured in the first three issues of the given year. English studies are featured in the fourth issue. Firstly, the given issue is published on-line on the website of the journal, then after a few weeks later the issue will be published in print, too.   

In the favour of protection of anonimity, please DO NOT list your personal details in the study. Please list the followings in a separate file in both languages HUNGARIAN AND ENGLISH: 
  • Name, academic degree, institution, e-mail address, mailing address
  • Authors are requested to write a 5-6 lines personal introduction in third person
Please note every item which has DOI ID should be listed in the bibliography.

Guideline for international authors is available here.